Special Operations

congressional Medal of Honor 

& Victoria CRoss    Recipients

* Indicates a posthumous award

* Ashley, Eugene Jr.  USA

Beikirch, Gary B.  USA

Benavidez, Roy P.  USA

*Bryant, William M.  USA

*Buker, Brian L.  USA

Cavaiani, Jon R.  USA

Dix, Drew D.  USA

Donlon, Roger H. C.   USA

Fisher, Bernard   USAF

Fleming, James P.   USAF

*Gordon, Gary   USA

*Hagen, Loren D.   USA

*Hosking, Charles E. Jr.   USA

Howard, Robert L.   USA

Jackson, Joe M.   USAF

Jones, William   USAF

*Kedenburg, John J.   USA

Kelley, Thomas   USN

Kerrey, J. Robert   USN

Law, Robert     USA

Levitow, John Lee   USAF

Miller, Franklin D.   USA

Norris, Thomas R.   USN

Ouellet, David   USN

Payne Keith   RAR

Pruden, Robert J.     USA

Rabel, Laslo     USA

*Shugart, Randall   USA

Simpson, Rayene   RAR

*Sisler, George K.   USA

Thornton, Michael E.   USN

*Versace, H.R. " Rocky"     USA

*Wheatley, Kevin   RAR

Wilbanks, Hilliard A.   USAF

Williams, Charles Q.   USA

Williams, James   USN

*Yntema, Gordon D.   USA

Zabitosky, Fred W.   USA

"For conspicuous gallantry,

 above and beyond the call of  duty...."

The President, in the Name of Congress, has awarded more than 3,400 Medals of Honor since the Decoration's creation in 1861. For years, the citations highlighting these acts of bravery and heroism resided in dusty archives and only sporadically were printed. The U.S. Senate ordered the citations compiled and printed in 1973, and later updated and reprinted in 1979. Listed here, duplicated from the congressional compilation, are the citations for the 31 members of Special Operations Forces who won the Medal of Honor or  Victoria Cross. Some minor misspelling and other errors are duplicated from the official government volume, in all probability the result of the original transcriptions. 

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